Product Development Journey

Your product goes through a very intensive, thorough process before we launch it in the market - here's a little glimpse of what happens!

Ideology and Methodology

The challenge in the process of mobile app development is moving forward from stage to stage rapidly, so that you are not overcharged in terms of the time and resources spent - while also allowing for as many changes as you deem possible. We crunch all these things - time, the iterations and the directional changes - and ask ourselves, how can we juggle all these variable AT ONCE?
Well, there is an answer - as its two sweet words : Agile Methodology

Steps to have a market ready product

  1.  Requirement Planning Phase

This is where we can carry out a thorough study of all aspects regarding your product. We cover product feasibility, and study the existing market, and create a technical structure for your business model. Essentially, this is the blueprint of the peripheral and crucial aspects when it comes to your product.

  2.  Design Strategy

Our design plans are not simply aesthetic - they are driven by hard data on your targeted user base. The plan is then used to shape your product and make it intuitive, simplistic and pleasing for an audience that is global and local alike. We use material designing for your product and follow all the designing standards laid down by Google and Apple.

  3.  Development and Testing

While the design is the skeleton and the body of your product, the internal components are needed to bring it to life. This is the development stage, where we create product prototypes, and test each version intensely. All the effort is undertaken to have your product in the most market-ready condition possible - even before it hits market.

  4.  Product Launch

Our engineers take your digital presence very seriously, ensuring your company’s goals and authenticity is reflected through your product. We make sure not even the slightest details are missed when getting your product ready for the world to see.We share the credentials, handover documentation and all the necessary information that will be required by you to continue the services.

Whats Next?

Your product is ready, and will hit the market soon. If you thought this was the end of your journey, you’d be mistaken. Now, you will be hit by the full force of the market, and its demands – to keep up with these, check out our Post Launch Sustenance section!

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