Post Launch Sustenance

We don’t merely launch products - we enhance the complete business for superiority in the market.

Why there is a need?

You now have a market-ready product! Your Product's viability is truly tested after launch, where your product needs to withstand market forces and evolve accordingly. You need to generate awareness about your product amongst your targeted user base.
As you keep scaling up or down, or choose to migrate to other platforms, there will be other technical issues and bugs to take care of. While you focus on other aspects of the business, leave the iterations and other technical aspects to us!

What we offer

Take yours to the next level with our Post-Launch Support and Sustenance.

Free Support

We will take care of all product related support for up to three crucial months after launch - for absolutely no charge. This includes bug fixing, performance improvement and flexibility in minor enhancements when the product is live on app store and play store.

Lost Cost AMC

We make additional improvements, and augmentations beyond the free support period at a low cost, as we know the kind of support you get will dictate the success of your app idea/venture. This covers bug fixes, data handling, server maintainence and 3rd party integrations.

Dedicated Teams

Companies often make the mistake of dropping their consultants and tech partners after launch. However, you need to focus on the essential aspects of your business, name demand/supply divided. So, we offer dedicated teams that do the job for you.

Cost Effective approach

We understand that the cost of hiring an entirely dedicated team may not always be a cost effective model. But don't fret, because we are true pioneers of the on-demand economy! Our hybrid model lets you keep the members you need - say a developer - for the time period of that is determined by industry specialists.

Going the extra mile

There is the seeming end to business and tech partnerships. And then there is a beyond - evolution, advancement and infinite growth. We're here for the last mile.

Product Evolution

Your product needs to evolve according to the needs and wishes for your end users. We constantly improve your product by investing into, and maintaining an advance reporting + analytics system, for your convenience. This helps us to validate the anticipated user experience and gives us next steps on evolving the product based on the actual user behaviour.

Investor Preparation

Don’t break a sweat when you prepare to meet investors. Go forth confidently with our help and stun them into investing for your venture! We help you in two phases - idea presentation, and the numbers to back it up. The Idea presentation phase is where we arm you with the necessary documents that can encapsulate the advantages of your product - and the numbers sway them to bet their money on you because they see a valuable return on investment (ROI).

Data Visualisation

A big problem statement for any business owners is that of visualization - where they cannot quite know the exact status of their business, from inception to real time status of operations. We help you with mapping and location based analytics to enhance demand and supply iteration, performance indicators, and integrations with 3rd party analytics tools.