First impressions are long lasting. We wish you to be comfortable with discussing your pet idea or project with us - which is why, we have laid out a comprehensive on-boarding process.

Onboarding Steps

1.  IP + NDA

We believe in the sanctity of your idea. So, to let you rest easy, we have NDAs and other service documents in place so that you can comfortably discuss everything with us.

2.  Discussion with specialities

Here's where you consult and discuss your idea with our team members possessing the right expertise in a more technical, tangible manner. We also mutually brainstorm in order to narrow down use cases and chalk iut your business model.

3.  Finalisation and Commitments

Once we have a detailed idea, we get a list of must haves in terms of features and integrations of your product. Morever, we estimate project timelines, deliverables, the costs for development and release, and other specifics necessary to get started on your product.

4.  Execution

There is where we kick-off the development process, once all the previous steps have been completed. This includes a master service agreement, which has everything that we need to begin the project development cycle.