Company Practices

We are a company that creates, builds and innovates upon the ideascape in our client's minds.


Crystal clear communication is of the utmost importance to us. Timeslines, deliverable in addition to delays and issues: all these will be communicated to you in real time, with no punches pulled. Keeping clients in the dark is just not how we operate.

Unique documentation

The right product is delivered when the developers have a complete idea as to what is desired. We put ideas into the pen-and-paper medium in the form of rough wireframes which we supplement with audio/video walkthroughs so that we capture every detail. All communication is thus documented in some form.

Feedback Mechanism

No product can be developed appropriately if there aren't clear feedback loops involved and may result in a product that you never envisaged. So, we pull feedback from you that is pertinent to features and functionalities for the product in a manner such that no stone is left unturned during ideation and development. For convenience, we can take audio recordings feedback so that you don't have to write everything down.

Internal Auditing

We are stringent with our auditing processes, adhering to strict guidelines and standards in order to develop a sustainable, scalable product. We keep the highest ethical standards in mind for your business, to avoid complications in the future